Thursday, June 17, 2010

News @ Shop.Alot

Dear valued customers,

Please be informed that we'll be away from Malaysia on 18/06 until 21/06. You may place order and leave message to us. We'll get back to you at soonest possible.

Stay tuned and we shall be back soon! =)

With best regards,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

News @ Shop.Alot

Shop.Alot @ MOFEW - We need your LIKE in Facebook!

We are pleased to inform you that Shop.Alot is participating in Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend (MOFEW), theFIRST ever event in Malaysia that gathers online fashion entrepreneurs from all over the country to this central venue in the Klang Valley – the Mid Valley Exhibition Center from the 13th – 15th August 2010.

And now, Shop.Alot is @ MOFEW: The Search (Round 1)! We need your supports by clicking 'like' at our photo entry in MOFEW 2010's official Facebook page.

How to support us?

1. Simply head over to MOFEW 2010’s official Facebook Page to first ‘like’ the page

2. Click ‘like’ at our photo in MOFEW: The Search (Round 1) photo album. Shop.Alot is PHOTO 59

Yes, it is THAT easy! We need your 'like' to be one of the best 'liked' before 30th June 2010 to bring us to the next round.

Millions of thanks from us!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

D0130 Dress

D0130韩版蕾丝百搭短 Korea Lace Mini Skirt with Belt

材质/Material: 蕾丝 + 棉/ Lace + Cotton
颜色/Colour: 白/Black
臀围/Hip: 75 cm
衣长/Length: 37 cm
腰围/Waist: 64 – 80 cm
价钱/Price: RM 35 (Belt included)
- NOW Buy 1 for RM 20 & Buy 2 for RM 30 (Can be mix with other sales items)

D0129 Dress

D0129 韩版精致洋装Korea Hot Tube Dress

材质/Material: 丝光棉/Cotton
颜色/Colour: 白/White
胸围/Bust: 80 - 98 cm
衣长/Length: 71 cm
腰围/Waist: 76 cm
价钱/Price: RM 50
- NOW Buy 1 for RM 20 & Buy 2 for RM 30 (Can be mix with other sales items)

D0126 Dress

D0126 Summer Stripes Printed Tunic with Drawstring Dress

材质/Material: 棉/Cotton
颜色/Colour: 红/Red
衣长/Length: 84 cm
价钱/Price: RM 40 (SOLD)

D0124 Dress

D0124 唐装旗袍 Floral Cheong Sam

材质/Material: 高档缇花棉/Silk
颜色/Colour: 黄/Yellow
尺寸/Size: 小码/S Size
胸围/Bust: 84 cm
衣长/Length: 97 cm
腰围/Waist: 72 cm
肩宽/Shoulder: 38 cm
价钱/Price: RM 45 (SOLD)

T0091 Top

T0091 Silky Batik Top with Self–tied Bow

材质/Material: 绸缎/Silk
尺寸/Size: 均码/Average
衣长/Length: 65 cm
颜色/Colour: 白/White
价钱/Price: RM 38 (SOLD)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

News @ Shop.Alot

S A L E S! Price slash brutally @ Shop.Alot.

All items are sold at RM 25. Wait no more, grabs them while stock last!

Click All at RM 25 category for the selected tops and dresses. Hurry ya!

With Best Regards,
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